My massive Butcher cosplay post featuring the best shots I have so far. Hoping to remake this one as it was made in a couple days.


  • Butcher: Inuki Cosplay [ FB | TUMBLR | COSPLAY ]
  • Memory of Alessa: Bloody Queen [ FB ]
  • Pyramid Head: Vancouver Joker [ FB | IG | TWTR ]
  • Nurse: Pretty Poison Cosplay [ FB | TUMBLR ]


Really cool!



So I wanted to post some of the photos that a tf2crazy and I took when we cosplayed A-ya and D-ne from Shuuen No Shiori at Metrocon2014. We were having some fun with the camera at the hotel at 11 at night when we got back from Metro. (The night before we ended up staying up till 1am to finish the blazers, we were so frustrated since we had to wake up at 6am that we were almost in tears from it. Not a fun night. But we were so glad that we got to some what finish. There are many things I don’t like about the outfit and that I’ll need to improve and fix before the next convention. But until then these would’ve done their job just as well~)



I dressed up as Cecil for NexCon last weekend, where I was one of the invited guests. While I was speaking onstage, I scanned the crowd as I normally did. I was feeling generally relaxed until I noticed a certain Faceless Old Woman in the audience. I’ll be honest, dear readers. I seriously questioned myself for a bit if I was hallucinating. She hardly moved, and just sat there, with her hands daintily folded over her cane, facing me, watching despite her apparent lack of eyes.

My friend procrastacat took the photo for the poster above, and I did the editing the layouting.

What a truly horrifying, brilliant cosplay. It’s a whole different experience when you see her in person. I got to take a couple of photos with her after the program wrapped up. If only Hiram McDaniels could have been there as well!

- Jin!